School complexes

School Complex in Wyry

Zespół Szkół Wyry


ul. Puszkina 10
43-175 Wyry
tel: 32 323 01 52, 32 218 72 44

Head: Ilona Sobieraj, MA

The School Complex in Wyry consisting of Primary School and Middle School, was founded on 1 September 2003 under resolution no. VII/44/2003 of the Wyry Commune Council of 14 May 2003. In 2008–2011 thermal efficiency improvement and extensive renovation were carried out in the building of the school which allowed to considerably improve conditions and standard of learning and working. The School Complex in Wyry has become a modern institution, worthy of the 21st century.

Presently, 360 pupils are attending the school: 256 in Primary School and 104 in Middle School. The School Complex employs 40 teachers and 12 members of administrative and service staff. It has highly qualified teaching staff, having an open-minded approach to problems and suggestions of young people. In case of difficulties, class tutors, counsellors and school psychologist are available to pupils. The school is oriented on working with every pupil, thus classes developing interests, compensatory, psychological therapy and therapeutic classes are conducted.

Pupils learn in 13 classrooms. The school has an excellently equipped computer room and a library with multimedia facilities. It has a physical and chemical laboratory as well as biology, history, geography, mathematics and art room, and sport facilities: a gym, a room for corrective classes, courts and fields, and a day care room which provides pupils with care when they are waiting for classes, as early as from 07:00am (to 04:00pm), and allows to pursue interests. A small shop is operating in school which offers, among others, fresh rolls for breakfast, and every day over 180 pupils eat dinner served in the canteen.

School Complex in Gostyń

Zespół Szkół Gostyń


ul. Rybnicka 141
43-176 Gostyń
tel: 32 218 76 00, 32 323 06 33 

Dyrektor: mgr Jadwiga Pasierbek

The School Complex in Gostyń consists of Primary School and Middle School. Both institutions are named after the Heroes of the September 1939.

At this time, 211 pupils learn in 12 forms of Primary School, and 112 pupils attend to 6 forms of Middle School. One of the advantages of the school are small forms, creating favourable conditions for building the atmosphere of safety and for cooperation between parents and teachers. Qualified teaching staff maintains a high standard of education which ensures the pupils will start well in secondary education institutions chosen by them and that they will gain awards and distinctions in various competitions, contests and festivals. The school boasts winners and finalists of subject contests and competitions on the voivodeship and national level.

During their stay in the school pupils have a computer room, multimedia devices, library with the Multimedia Information Centre, day care room, large and small gym at their disposal. Younger children may have fun at the school playground, and the older ones may play football on the school field.