Commune Public Library in Wyry

Biblioteka miejska w Wyrach


ul. Dąbrowszczaków 58
43-175 Wyry
tel: 32 218 72 73

Branch in Gostyń
ul. Pszczyńska 372
43-176 Gostyń
tel: 32 218 75 23
Director: Magdalena Kocima

The Commune Public Library in Wyry dates its beginnings to 1949 when the first entry to the inventory book was made. Two libraries are functioning in the Wyry commune. The main library is located in Wyry, and the branch library in Gostyń. Both libraries are open to all residents of the commune, including the youngest ones, pupils of primary, middle and secondary schools, students, working population, the unemployed as well as pensioners. Everyone will find there a suitable book for himself or herself. Readers may borrow up to five books at one time, for up to one month. The library may be visited by whole families, children with parents and grandparents – which is a frequent and very pleasant sight. The libraries offer a collection of books for children and adults, reference library intended for using on the spot, magazine reading room and computer stations with access to the Internet and printers.

Apart from lending books, the library provides photocopying and printing services, for a fee.

What is more, the libraries cooperate with kindergartens and schools. They hold library classes for children which often are their first contact with this institution, and at the same time the classes encourage them to use their collections. In order to support the “All of Poland Reads to Kids” campaign, competitions for children and young people as well as various types of shows and performances are held. During summer and winter holiday children and young people are offered opportunities to spend time there in an interesting way.

For a few years, adults and children may present their interests in the “My Hobby” or “Let’s Get to Know Each Other”. Everyone can share his or her interests and present works in a display case – to which we cordially invite everyone.

As the libraries are not adapted to the needs of the disabled, the librarians conduct the “Book by Phone” campaign. Ill, elderly or disabled persons may borrow chosen books by phone. A chosen item is delivered to a reader’s home free of charge.

Opening hours:

Library in Wyry:

  • Monday, Tuesday 09:00am – 04:00pm
  • Wednesday, Friday 12:00 – 06:30pm
  • Thursday – closed

Brach library in Gostyń:

  • Monday, Wednesday: 01:00 – 06:00pm 
  • Tuesday, Friday: 08:00am – 03:00pm
  • Thursday – closed

We invite everyone to use the book collection, computers, Internet and services offered by the libraries.