Community Centre

Biblioteka miejska w Wyrach


ul. Pszczyńska 366
43-176 Gostyń
tel: 32 218 70 00

Director: Jolanta Rynkiewicz-Kotwasińska, MA

In line with the content of its statute, the Community Centre in Gostyń fulfils tasks in the field of popularisation of culture, education and development of amateur artistic movement. Informal groups are active at the Community Centre, i.e. Traveller’s Club, Active Women Club, “Twilight” Community Choir, “Women of Gostyń” folk band, “Grace” modern dance group and “Chord” a cappella chamber ensemble. 

Opening hours:

  • Monday – Thursday 08:00am – 08:00pm
  • Friday 08:00am – 05:00pm

The main statutory objectives of activity of the Community Centre in Gostyń are as follows:

  • cultural education and education through art,
  • identification and stimulation of interests and satisfaction of cultural needs of the society,
  • preparation to reception and creation of cultural values,
  • shaping patterns of active participation in culture,
  • gathering, documenting, creating, protecting cultural goods and making them available,
  • creating conditions for development of folklore as well as folk and artistic handicraft,
  • creating conditions for development of amateur artistic movement and interest in knowledge and art.


Zagroda Śląska

Due to having relevant space and service facilities, all major community cultural events usually are held in the Community Centre in Gostyń. Vernissages of renowned artists, regional festivals and regular free or partially paid activities for all inhabitants of the commune. Since September 2011, the cultural offer has been expanded with events organised in the Silesian Enclosure, located behind the building of the Community Centre.