The Wyry Commune is located on the route of voivodeship road no. 928, i.e. ul. Pszczyńska. The road leads through both towns of the commune, Wyry and Gostyń, and is the main access road to Mikołów, Kobiór and Tychy.

Communications by the TYCHY Transportation Authority

Transportation Authority in Tychy

MZK Tychy


Al. Marszałka Piłsudskiego 12
43-100 Tychy
tel: 32 219 38 20


Public collective transport is organised by the Transportation Authority (TA) in Tychy. The Wyry Commune has a share in the costs of three bus lines: 69, 157, 294, two of them leading through the area of Gostyń. By these lines you can directly reach towns which are within over a dozen kilometres such as Mikołów, Tychy, Łaziska Górne, and even Żory (through Orzesze, from the town of Wyry by line69). A high number of bus stops in the commune makes it easy for the residents to use public transport.

Next departures on “Wyry Commune Office” stop
Next departures on “Gostyń Post Office” stop

All buses running by the order of the Tychy TA are fitted with mobile phones and software of “When will it arrive?” dynamic passenger information system. The system functions on the basis of location data obtained from mobile communications. It enables every passenger to check an expected time of arrival of a bus to a relevant bus stop by visiting a dedicated website:

A price list for one-time and season tickets




20 minutes

3.00 PLN

1.50 PLN

40 minutes

3.60 PLN

1.80 PLN

90 minutes

4.40 PLN

2.20 PLN

Monthly season T-2

120 PLN

60 PLN

Bought from a driver

4.40 PLN

2.20 PLN

One-time tickets are valid from the moment of punching them in a bus. Season tickets are valid from date chosen by a passenger (date on a ticket). All one-time tickets are punched from a single side. They are valid only in vehicles of the Tychy TA.

Details concerning the applicable rates are available on the website of the Tychy Transportation Authority.

Communications by the Polish State Railways




There is a closed railway stop in the Wyry Commune. It is located on railway line no. 169 connecting the Tychy station with Orzesze Jaśkowice station where the passenger traffic was suspended in 2001. In that place there used to be an additional electrified track enabling passing which was dismantled after the station was closed down. Nowadays, both platforms are overgrown with grass and thicket, and the old station building was converted for other purposes; today, it is named “Wyry Station Pizza Pub” and houses a pizzeria with a pub.


In relation with a renovation of railway line no. 140 (Katowice Ligota-Nędza) carried out in 2008, diversions were put into operation for passenger traffic, thus, trains ran through a closed line 169 without stopping on any station or halt. From that time, a regular freight traffic occurs, both in the direction of Tychy and Orzesz, but no passenger train operates on this line, with the exception of the TLK 41102 Rybnik-Białystok link and TLK 14102 Białystok-Rybnik link opened on 1 June 2011, due to which after almost 10 years of a break the passenger traffic was restored on this line – the train has a stop at Orzesze Miasto.

The nearest open railway stops are located in Mikołów, Orzesz, Łaziska Górne, Tychy, Kobiór.