Commune council

Administrative service of the Wyry Commune Council is provided by:

Office of the Commune Council
ul. Dąbrowszczaków 133
43-175 Wyry

room no. 11 (2nd floor)

telephone: (032) 325 68 12 

Opening hours:

  • Monday: 07:30am – 05:00pm
  • Tuesday - Thursday: 07:30am – 03:30pm
  • Friday: 07:30am – 02:00pm

The Commune Council is a legislative and supervisory body of the commune. Competence of the Commune is set forth in the Acts and the statute of the commune. The term of the Council lasts 4 years from the date of elections. The Council consists of 15 councillors. Its sessions are held usually once a month and at least once a quarter. The sessions take place in the meeting room of the Commune Office at ul. Dąbrowszczaków 133, 43-175 Wyry, 2nd floor. 

In the current 7th term 2010-2018, the Council is composed of:

President: Elżbieta Słomka
Vice-President: Barbara Polok
Vice-President: Andrzej Suchoń

  • Bronisław Ficek,
  • Tomasz Fityka,
  • Michał Kopański,
  • Adrian Krzyżowski,
  • Joanna Pasierbek-Konieczny,
  • Piotr Profaska,
  • Herbert Rzepka,
  • Mirosław Sikora,
  • Franciszek Smykla,
  • Wojciech Surma,
  • Franciszek Szulc,
  • Szymon Załęcki
Urząd gminy Wyry

The Commune Council may from among its members form permanent and temporary Commissions for specific tasks, defining their object of activity and composition. The Commissions are subordinate to the commune council, to which they submit their work plan and reports from activity.

The Wyry Commune Council appointed Permanent Commissions from among its members. Compositions of the Commissions are published on the website at

The Commissions work on meetings called by their Chairmen.

Minutes are drawn up from sessions of the Commissions. Minutes from sessions of the Commissions are published on the website at

Pursuant to the Act on Access to Public Information of 6 September 2001, resolutions of the Wyry Commune Council are published in the Public Information Bulletin. You can read the content of resolutions by clicking the link.

All resolutions adopted after 1 August 2012 are available on the website at